Room Addition Mistakes to Avoid


It is easy to make mistakes when you are excited, but when it comes to big projects such as adding a room to your home, you cannot afford to make miscalculations.

That is why as a provider of room, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling in San Diego, California, we are enumerating some of the common misjudgments that happen during this time so you can avoid them, too. Take a look below.

  • Cutting corners

    Ask any kitchen & bathroom specialist in San Diego, California, who would tell you that cutting corners would be among the most frustrating things with any construction. Cutting corners results in too many compromises, resulting in increased costs from change orders and, in some cases, delayed timelines.

  • Not adding a cushion to your budget

    Being a little too strict with your budget or not having any extra on the side, to begin with, can result in substandard work. For instance, you may discover cracks in the foundation. Obviously, that has to be addressed first before going on with the rest of the construction and that’s going to take money. An extra 15-20% in costs as a cushion for unexpected expenses is ideal.

  • Relying on trends

    Trends come and go. That patterned floor tiles for your bathroom design in California can look outdated fast. Opt for a chevron rug that you can swap out later instead.

Avoid these common mistakes by hiring a professional home remodeling contractor like us at Infinity Design & Build, Inc. With over a decade in the business, you can trust that we will deliver your unique vision into reality.

We hope this list helped! For more helpful tips like these, be sure to check back next time!

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