Which Room Should be the Cleanest?


We have a question. Which room in a house should be the cleanest, tidiest, and most presentable?

We will give you a few minutes to find your answer. While you’re composing your answer, here’s ours. For us who specialize in bathroom design in California, our answer will be your bathroom, comfort room, washing area, and anything of that sense.

We understand that you may pick your living room as it will be the first thing your guests will see when they enter your home. But let us share with you one of our reason.

Think about this. Our living room is expected to be the cleanest, tidiest, and most presentable one, and that’s correct. But once your guest goes to your bathroom to do their business and see an unpleasant, dirty, smelly, and just icky yucky bathroom that can compete with public restroom without any budget to hire cleaners.

Your bathroom is the like the inner part of you, the one that not many may see, but if exposed, can tell something crucial about you.

Designing, building, having, and maintaining your bathroom is like kitchen remodeling in San Diego, California; it isn’t just about functionality but also beauty and appearance. Others may think that as a shallow concept, but it speaks a lot about you and your personality.

And that’s our goal here at Infinity Design & Build, Inc. to represent you in your home. That includes a clean, tidy, and presentable bathroom to boast of.

Get your new kitchen and bathroom done by a certified and loved Kitchen & Bathroom Specialist in San Diego, California, today and be the envy of your friends.

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